Lady Nature Presents: RUBY CUP! 

Replace that moisture sucking tampon and that bulky pad for a reusable silicone menstrual cup!

The Ruby Cup is a sustainable menstrual hygiene product that lasts for 10 years! Stop filling the landfills with toilet paper wrapped packages and switch to a menstrual cup! It is great for all women:

  • Take it on those long hiking trips and never have to worry about leaving behind any rubbish
  • Off to yoga? Don't fill your pants with uncomfortable pads. Replace them with a flexible cup and keep your back end bump free!
  • Stop taking those "change breaks" during a day of lectures or exams. These menstrual cups can sit in place for 12 hours, depending on your flow
  • Use it while running, swimming, dancing, working out, climbing, hiking and any other activity you can think of!

It really is a wonder product! Want to know more?  Check out our FAQ's here >>

What is Ruby Cup?

Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup that is re-usable for 10 years. Treat yourself with a healthy and eco-friendly solution, and keep a girl in school at the same time. We have started this company because we believe that all women deserve the best, also when they have their periods. 

What is Ruby Cup?

Support a Girl in School

Buy one & give one. Menstruation is a main cause of school drop-out for girls from poor backgrounds. They can\'t afford pads. With Ruby Cup, they can now go to school and feel safe when they have their periods. Read letters from Kenyan schoolgirls here.

Support a Girl in School

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